reamersThese are a group of various cutting tools which find their application in agriculture and timber and construction industry. Their individual description is provided under following headers:


Its product line includes:

  1. Taper Shank Chucking reamer
  2. Machine Taper Pin Reamer
  3. Parallel Shank Hand Reamer
  4. Parallel Shank Chucking Reamer
  5. Taper Shank Machine Reamer
  6. Parallel Shank Socket Reamer
  7. Hand Taper Pin Reamer
  8. Taper Shank Socket Reamer
  9. Shell Reamer
  10. Machine Jig Reamer
  11. Machine Bridge Reamer
  12. Centre Reamer

Taper Shank Machine Reamer

A machine reamer only has a very slight lead in. Because the reamer and work piece are pre-aligned by the machine there is no risk of it wandering off course. In addition the constant cutting force that can be applied by the machine ensures that it starts cutting immediately. Spiral flutes have the advantage of … Continue reading Taper Shank Machine Reamer

Machine Jig Reamer

Machine Jig Reamers have short, virtually parallel cutting edges with bevel lead and a guide in between the shank and the cutting edges.           MM SIZE Dia. (mm) Cutting Edge Length Overall Length Morse Taper No. 6 26 138 1 7 31 150 1 8 33 156 1 9 36 162 … Continue reading Machine Jig Reamer

Machine Bridge Reamer

Bridge Reamer is for use in ship building,structural or plate work, having parallel cutting edges with a long lead, integral with a taper shank for holding and driving. The flutes may be straight or helical     MM SIZE Diameter Cutting Edge Length Overall Length Shank No. 6.4 75 151 1 7.4 80 156 1 … Continue reading Machine Bridge Reamer

Centre Reamer

A cutter with teeth on the conical cutting face, integral with a parallel shank for holding and driving designed for reaming a pre-formed centre or for producing a conical seating. INCLUDED ANGLE 60 and 90 DEGREE.       INCH SIZE Body Dia OVL Shank Length  Nominal Dia Of Shank   1/4 1  1/2   … Continue reading Centre Reamer

Parallel Shank Hand Reamer

A hand reamer has a longer taper or lead in at the front than a machine reamer. This is to compensate for the difficulty of starting a hole by hand power alone. It also allows the reamer to start straight and reduce the risk of breakage. The flutes may be straight or spiral. Each machine requires a … Continue reading Parallel Shank Hand Reamer

Shell Reamer

Shell reamers are designed for reaming bearing and other similar items. They are fluted almost their whole length. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Shell Reamers. These reamers are widely appreciated in different industries for their efficient and reliable performance. We offer these reamers in an affordable range to meet the … Continue reading Shell Reamer

Hand Taper Pin Reamer

Taper Pin Reamers is one of our premium products which is used to reaming tapered holes in work piece to receive holes of various sizes and dimensions. This is manufactured from best grade stainless steel which is sourced from trusted vendors. It comes in a range between 1mm to 50mm diameter meets international standards like … Continue reading Hand Taper Pin Reamer

Parallel Shank Chucking Reamer

Chucking reamers are rotary cutting tools used to shape, enlarge, and finish pre-cut holes to a tight tolerance. They are general purpose reamers for a variety of applications and materials and fit in the chuck of machines such as drill presses, turret lathes, and screw machines.  These are available in a variety of different styles such as Straight Shank, … Continue reading Parallel Shank Chucking Reamer