Small Cutting Tools

woodruffWe offer cutting tools, gear cutting tools and small cutting tools. We design our quality cutting tools with the best grades of High Speed Steels which are directly imported from World’s renowned steel producers.




Its product line includes:

  1. Woodruff Cutter
  2. Rotary form Cutter
  3. T-Slot Cutter Parallel Shank
  4. T-Slot Cutter Taper Shank
  5. Counter Bore
  6. Dovetail Cutter
  7. Counter Sink-Parallel Shank
  8. Counter Sink-Taper Shank

Countersink-Taper Shank

A cutter with teeth on the conical cutting faces, integral with a taper shank for holding and driving designed to produce a conical seating to accommodate the conical head of a component such as a screw or relief.       MM SIZE Nominal size. Small Dia      Overall Length Morse Taper No. 60 deg … Continue reading Countersink-Taper Shank

Woodruff Cutter

The woodruff cutters find their applicability in cutting and are available in various diameters and manufactured in different grades of High Speed stainless steel for greater efficiency, corrosion resistance and higher durability. This has a size range between 9mm to 45.5mm diameter in straight and staggered teeth and meets the standards like IS, BS and … Continue reading Woodruff Cutter

Rotary Form Cutter

We are specialized in producing form cutter which is a best tool to meet your needs. We can create custom form cutters for our customers that are a perfect amalgamation of strength and durability. We can also provide a customization as per customer drawing and requirement. These products have dimensional accuracy and long lasting life. … Continue reading Rotary Form Cutter

Dovetail Cutter

We manufacture best quality dovetail cutter in the market. We manufacture our range of dovetail cutter by using high grade raw material that is procured from reliable vendors across the country. Moreover, our cutters have received accolades for its features such as quality and durability. We also provide customization to our customers and customize our … Continue reading Dovetail Cutter

T-Slot Cutter Parallel Shank

Empowered by our robust infrastructure, we offer t-slot cutter. These are manufactured to perform functions like cutting metal sheets, moldings or extrusions. Due to efforts of our sincere team we are able to produce dimensionally accurate, carbide tips t-slot cutter, which is ideally suited for cutting on thin sheets of metal. The range of size … Continue reading T-Slot Cutter Parallel Shank

Counter Bore-Taper Shank

A counter bore is use to provide a space for the head of a bolt or other type of fastener. Our manufactured counter bores are in the ranges from 6mm to 63 mm. Our range of counter bores is manufactured from premium quality stainless steel which makes it resistant to any kind of resistance. These … Continue reading Counter Bore-Taper Shank

Counter Sink-Parallel Shank

A countersink is a kind of conical shaped hole, which is cut into a manufactured object, or the cutter used to cut such a hole. It is commonly used to allow the head of a countersunk bolt or screw, when placed in the hole, to sit flush with or below the surface of the surrounding … Continue reading Counter Sink-Parallel Shank