Shank Type Gear Shapers



gear shaper is a machine tool for cutting the teeth of internal or external gears, it is a specialized application of the more general shaper machine. The name shaper relates to the fact that the cutter engages the part on the forward stroke and pulls away from the part on the return stroke, just like the clapper box on a planer shaper.

ModulePitch DiaNo. of TeethTaper No.
12626MT- 2
1.252520MT- 2
1.52718MT- 2
1.7526.2515MT- 2
22613MT- 2
2.252712MT- 2
2.52510MT- 2
2.752710MT- 2
13838MT- 3
1.2537.530MT- 3
1.537.525MT- 3
1.7538.522MT- 3
23819MT- 3
2.253616MT- 3
2.537.515MT- 3
2.7538.514MT- 3
33612MT- 3
3.253912MT- 3
3.538.511MT- 3
3.7537.510MT- 3